Forum Thread: Are VPNs Useless?

Are VPNs useless? A friend told me that one could ping to the VPN's IP and reveal the IP underneath it. What does he mean by this? Is this preventable?

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Not true, VPN do work. Your friend doesn't know jack about vpns

No, they're not useless. Your friend doesn't know what they're talking about.


For a moment it seemed believable, but it's not. There are multiple users using the the VPN server at a time. Through something like this is possible on tor and other Firefox inspired browsers.

-The Joker

Not true

VPNs now are hard to rely on because every service has a different security policy, the key is just finding one that suits your needs. That I would say is the only downside when it comes to using VPNs other than that they are very powerful but they are not for anonymity, they are for security.

They provide more security because you can bypass the VPN and find the real ip with enough skill.

How do you bypass a VPN?

It is not possible to find the underlying IP address just by "pinging the VPN". If the server used has some specific vulnerabilities it may be possible to perform HTTP Request smuggling, in which case your worst fear wouldn't be that they know your IP address...

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