Forum Thread: Article Verification

I was just thinking that articles that people submit could be verified by someone and then published. Is this possible or not?


Now that i'm thinking,it's a bit hard for the website moderators (such as OTW ) to read every single one of the posts and verify them.

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Well, it's not a bad thing that it's up to us users reading and verifying them. If we find something that goes wrong, we should first try to find a solution ouselves, google more information, and when we make it to find a mistake in OP's guide and fix it, we can write about it in the comments.

Article writes are always very active and will take care to correct their guide.

auto moderation is the best
++ to the good posts
-- to the useless posts
as easy as that

I agree with Triphat, and Butwhy42.

I'd really like to elaborate on these points, but I just really can't articulate my thoughts at the moment.


Auto moderation could actually work.

If there was a program that would search for keywords that are commonly found in spam posts, and then flag them as something like "may be spam". That would help other users sort through the posts.

Problem is, a lot of those spam posts don't contain anything.


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