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Im planning on learning x86 Assembly so i can write my own shell code.
Is this a goood idea ?
From what i know shell code is instruction injected into a running application am i correct ?

I doubt most of you will be able to answer this as i think 90% of you havent programmed in assembly so im hoping for a reply from OTW

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Is this maybe helpful? Learning is honestly not that useful besides increasing your syscall knowledge a little. Metasploit and other programs can generate your payloads and you needn't be none the wiser.

And yeah, you somehow get shellcode onto a box and get it executed, using some sort of technique, from whence it returns a shell to the sender (hence the name, shellcode). It's needn't open a shell, it could do plenty of other things, but getting a shell is the most useful approach.

Mizanur, please don't go making assumptions about our users like that. I know that many people have at least tried. Also, I think you should look at all of Ciuffy's Smashing the Stack series.

Thanks and I meant most of this community are learning to be a hacker meaning they'll be learning high level languages with high level abstractions that's why I wasn't expecting anyone to know the answer

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