Forum Thread: Assistance in Creating a New Environment

Hello WHT,

I already found an interesting thread here:

I do have a very similiar Setup rocking here.

What's different here is:

  • MSI GE60
  • Lenovo X220
  • 256GB Samsung pro SSD (Currently lays in the GE60 machine)
  • And a couple of USB Sticks and HDD

The GE60 with the SSD has Windows10 on it currently, but after getting done with it I will switch now to Linux I think.

But all in all I would like to know how you guys would setup such setup - Windows as a mainOS with different virtual machines on it? Fire up Linux on it?

Same goes with little X220, I was thinking about using Arch Linux on it, or just something more mainstream and lightweight (Xubuntu?). I was even thinking about to put the SSD into this little X220 with Linux on it, so it would be a little faster though.

Anyways, let me know.

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