Forum Thread: Attack on a Web Application Data Base Through Open Ports


i want to know is there Anyway to Attack on a Web Application Data Base Through Open Ports

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Well, you're being a bit to vague. Not all universities have the same kind of databases nor the same kind of vulnerabilities. If you need help with something like this (and I don't know for what reason) you would definitely need to learn the basics first and work up from there. Learn how to scan and exploit vulnerabilities. Hope this helped.

Also it seems like you don't even know any basics whatsoever. If you can't find an IP address from a url, than you definitely need to go back. Back... Do you have Kali Linux?

yeah i have kali... even i hacked a wifi of my neighbours :P lol
can u tell me from where can i learn to hack a database server

Go to the how to section of null byte and click on db hacking

I won't be helping you; you're a script kiddie.



I second Dr. Ghost, I can't help you.

You don't know how to find an ip address from a url ( Ping or Tracert ) . I don't want any member of our community to be in a room full of criminals, a room of about 9 steps to and fro.

I recommend like other members to start from the basics ( You hacking wifi, doesn't make you more ), Null-Byte is the best place you could start you know. Guess what: We have a search function ....

Sorry but please calm down and think first, what will happen even if you make just a mistake.

Others will suggest Nmap for OS discovery, open ports but what you never knew was Nmap sends probe requests to the server to identify its ip and that is just enough for a dummy system administrator to put you behind bars. Sorry once again but Hacking requires time.

( Hope your not upset with me :) !!! )

# Sergeant

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