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I was thinking about posting some of the tactics i thought about and that may work in different situations or special cases, But first i want to know if the null-byte community wants to see these, Also i kind off want that other members (OTW, Phoenix, Ciuffy, F.E.A.R, Ghost etc...) Post some of their tactics and plans too...

Anyways tell me what you want

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PS: If i ever post the tactics Keep in mind that they will be quite "open" so you can build on them and change things accordingly.

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Limited to my point of view, any contribution that makes sense deserves to be listened, you shouldn't even ask. You may be corrected if something is wrong, but that doesn't mean it was a bad idea to do it.

Regarding my tactics, I may try to if I really want.

Alright dude, thanks for answering, i will prepare the article and post it

Yeah thanks xD

Tactics are very interesting things, but are also very limited.

The one thing I love about hacking is that it will never work the same way. It's a creative solution, or in some cases, a creative problem. Therefore, no one tactic will always work. With that being said, there are still many tactics and observations that I notice when hacking.

I'm more of a social engineer, so I find that making yourself friendly with your target will open a lot of doors. One time my friend told me his password after I lectured him about what a good password was.

Most hacks pulled off through out history have followed a basic timeline of:

  1. Recon
  2. Analysis
  3. Building exploits
  4. More analysis
  5. Execution

Hope you enjoy this comment!

  • Cameron Glass

Excellent and wise point , Cameron.

As i said, these are simple and effective plans in most cases though they will not under certain circumstances, and also as i mentionned: they will be quite open, so people would be able to build on them and change what has to be changed.

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