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Hello everyone

I am currently working on how can I take access on android devices with metasploit in kali linux. I have create a malicious apk (some posts here helped me to :) ) I have installed it on my android and everything works fine with the metepreter session...except when I try to navigate on root directory says access denied...I search it on google and it's because my device is not rooted. I know that I can root my device by myself with some programs that I can find on the internet but I would like to check if this can be done automatically/remotelly I made a quick search on google and I find out that there is a new malware that can auto-root any android device automatically once is installed...I searched for it but I found nothing...Does anyone knows how this works? or knows any other way that I can root my phone remotelly? or at least gain root privileges on my meterpreter session without rooting my device! Thanks in advance :)

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No, you need to root your device first so you can access your root directory. I can recommend you app i use for rooting. Try kingo root. And you cannot root your device via msf. By using unchecked malwares, you may harm your phone, badly. So i dont recommend rooting using unsecure methods. Good luck !

I know the dangers and thank you for your warning :) but I just want those unchecked malwares =) do you know any?

Unfortunately i dont know... sorry

Its true. I have malware on two phones and a laptop i cant remove. Its quite advanced. One of the phones at the moment has no rooting methods available. I dont have su access and its taken over my laptop through clean installs. Embedded in firmware. It works through ext fs . I think its written in debian and it affects uefi linux windows ubuntu solaris and centosos .not sure how to remove it. I could use help. Irs been over a month of hell f

or me

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