Forum Thread: AVG Discoverer Persistence

so i have ran persistence on windows Xp (AVG installed on the system) and that's what i got:

  1. hacking to the victim's system
  1. run persistence:
  1. windows xp machine got a message

AVG discover the file ....
any Suggestions?

another question: can i connect to victim's pc with persistence after the "attacker virtual machine" reboot/shutdown his computer...

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3 Responses

You will likely need to re-encode the payload to avoid AV. Take a look at my articles on shellter and veil-evasion.

if persistence is run correctly is should call back to the attacker when they reboot or even if they just log off and back on.

woops i hit reply lol

i did this file from Veil-Evasion the AVG did not find the file that i created from veil he discovered the file that persistence sent...

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