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I just deleted all of my Facebook accounts , the accounts that I hacked and my personal account , I found that Facebook will be no more private , I feel that it's a database for the agencies in the world , FBI , CIA , NSA and many other.

There is no more privacy , no more freedom , 'cause our democracy has been fu*ed .

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I'm sorry to inform you but... It has been like this for years. Probally since the beginning of Facebook, Twiter, Instagram and every other social media platform. It's basically a source of information. But only dumb people use social media to spread literately everything that they want to share so badly. Take this example:

There was this kid who hacked into the FBI website. He did everything correct and wasn't traced because of any mistakes of the hack. Instead that fool couldn't shut up about it and had to post about it on Facebook on how great he was. Now he serves jail time.

Internet Rule #1: Anything that goes online is gone online and is basically not deletable.

There is no privacy, I get it but your social media is actually not gone. Try something awkward or fishy and see the feds match you up on their board. I remember like 2-3 years back when facebook would let you deactivate your account promissing you its gone only to find it still alive and kicking unless you visited a special url which was not documented.

They have families and loved ones to feed and would not loose their revenue over an unamed stranger. Immediately a warrant is placed before them, they spill out everything.

# Sergeant

how much time they gave to cosmo ???

That's why I did it !

They probably have access to so much information, it's pretty scary. So, if you plan on doing anything unusual, think long and hard. Just get into the habit of using fake details and identity for everything. Make it so convoluted even you can't possibly keep up with it.

They only have access to so much information if you spread them;)

if you want democracy feel free to move to north korea

You live there? :v

So ,it's all about tunneling and VPN's .

Wow, so i should post what in facebook? I really need facebook for group use. Because its do simple facebook can store any word document. So what i should do now?

IRC ..

The thing is any thing is hackable nothing is invincible even a 60 character password but with the 60 character password it takes longer to break probably 60 life times but its still possible.

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