Forum Thread: Backdoor Me (Any File)

I want to know if there is a program that can backdoor any file i want

for example: if i download a game/image and backdoor it so when the victim clicks on the file i will get meterpreter session...

(i did some reaserch but i want to be sure and not to download viruses)

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No there is not, Although there are tools to backdoor certain types of files ( mostly executables )

so how can i hack to a system pc and reconnect when ever i want i tried everything persistence creates a file.vbs and AVG discovers it

there is something i can do ??
i want to reconnect to victim's system when ever i want ..

I replied to the other post, Other than that i dont really know

For this you can use Metasploit however it really depends what file you want and there has to be a vulneribility in the file reader so say you want to have a meterpreter in a pdf file What you actually want to do is exploiting the pdf reader using a buffer overflow or any other type of vulneribility this also makesit very version specific

This shows how to backdoor a pdf file:

There is a technique called binding which essentially allows you to combine two or more executables into a stub. When the victim executes the stub, it will run all of the executables it contains.

Yes but he is not talking About executeables

Don't games contain executables?

Backdoor every file? I don't think so.From what I know is that certain good and popular software like VLC media player has some kind of checking mechanism in which if it detects any modifications to the software,it will simply not install.

It is possible when you exploit the vlc media player

Exploits are specific,it would work on an older version of VLC media player,I doubt it will work with the latest version currently,that is Version 2.2.2

i meant if it is possible to backdoor any file i mean a image from the web.. and backdoor it to AVG wont be able to discover it when its running on victim's' system

If you want to infect an image file, you'll need to exploit the program which opens the image so that arbitrary code execution is possible.

can i backdoor file name.vbs??

I think you should do more research. I'm assuming you're an avid user of Metasploit? Have you had any experience that's outside of that which concerns malware?

I THINK you can use migrate to a process that starts with the system like svchost.exe or explorer.exe

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