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Hi guys!
I am Gla Glou. Nice to meet you. :D

<crap>Ok, I know you're going to kill me for that question. But... when I typed "hacking wifi", I found soooo many answers on the WHT search that I didn't know where to start and just... didn't start at all.

I am moving away next week and I would really really love to get the internet by the (/next) day I move in.

I am going to start reading some of the tutorials. </crap>

<question>But is there one magic tutorial to start with ? Or, do you have any advice for a complete beginner ?</>



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Ok cool! Thanks very much! I have read the "terms and technologies" and the "getting started with aircrack ng" :)

I didn't know I'd need a wireless adapter. I might have a look at this

I'll have a look at this as well :

That looks sooo complicated... Last year a friend told me he used a software, but I can't remember its name... Its none of the names I have found on google. There must be hundreds of them I guess ?

Does it have to be really complicated or is there something for lazy arses ? ;)

If you install Kali, you don't need to install aircrack-ng as it is already installed.

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