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Hey there,

I would like to ask if there are any good books which you guys can recommend (understanding networks, better overview over kali, metasploit...).

I looked a lot at amazon, but I found a lot of crap.
Books with just an oneliner to every tool.
Wow very helpful :D
I am also looking for an antenna for WiFi hacking.
I heard a lot about alfa.
Something like that?

If there's any basic equipment it would be great if you guys just hit me in the comments below ;)


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For networking, you might try to find the book Introduction to networks by cisco. You can find everything about kali right here on null-byte, and you might want to look into Metasploit Unleashed.


You can look here for the book.


As an intro I loved "The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing" by Patrick Engebretson.

Is that book just about installing and setting up Kali or more?
Because I found a lot books which only explain how to install Kali on a VM.


Hi guys.

What about the online hacking stuff courses like they have at Udemy, infosec etc? Are they good for learning hacking or one should go for books only?

In my humble opinion, the stuff on Udemy is pretty basic. InfoSec has much better material.

Remember that you need the basics of Linux and networking before trying to master hacking.

Mr. Occupy The Web, thanks for your opinion. I completely agree on that head. After going through one course at Udemy, I felt insufficient, wanting... I was just wondering where should one go after learning the basics of Linux and networking.

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