Forum Thread: How to Be an better hacker PT:1

I have made this tutorial with great hardships 'cause I wanted this to be simple to beginners and quite good to the founders. This is basically a guide on "being a elite hacker".

So, my Neophytes,
I would normally get straight to the topic, but now, I would make an intro on myself.

My name is nullf0x, and I have 4 years of experience as a hacker. I won't reveal any-more details as that could mean "Social Hap-hazarding".

So I will get to the point.

Is something needed before starting hacking?
Yes, of course, some things are needed, for instance,

  • An alias or a handle,
  • An good O.S.,
  • Good tools,
  • Good programming language knowledge of C, C++,etc.
  • Good communities,
  • Good hacker friends,
  • The rest!

What Is a Alias and How to Choose One?

An alias is a code or a secret name, used for identifying hackers. Don't underestimate this, 'cause in the social world, hackers can do literally ANYTHING with your name!

To make this short, see my handbook on "Choosing an alias and codebook".
You can visit it here, My post on aliases.

What OS Should I Use?

If you think you can do hacking in Linux only, then you are wrong! You can do hacking in any OS, but I strongly recommend Linux or Windows 7 or higher.

What Are the Tools I Can Use?

Password cracking software
These tools are used to crack or recover software. I strongly recommend using OphCrack.
Wireless Hacking tools
These tools are used to hack wireless networks. I like using Aircrack-NG.
There are more types of tools like Network Scanning, Footprinting, Port Scanners, etc.

What Programming Languages Should I Use?

You can learn HTML, Java, PHP, SQL, C, C++, Python, Perl, Ruby, etc. But just focus on ONE thing.

Where Can I Find Hacking Communities and Friends?

Why, you have already found it! Null-Byte itself is one amazing hacking community!

What Should I Do Next?

Continue this tutorial at my next post.

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Guys, I am the maker of this guide, and any requests asked WILL ONLY BE COMPLETED ON WEEKENDS as i have no acess to this account in weekdays.

Isn't your name smartnuke and not nullf0x?

Smartnuke, I appreciate your article. Good detail! However, I disagree.

I believe that a "leet" hacker or an elite hacker is only made from experience. This is a good guide for beginners, but there is so much more to it.

why, i was just trying to give a foundation to beginners to become into better hackers.

I think it's an excellent tutorial for beginners. Thank you.

Thanks, Cameron

i always use smartnuke as my username but out in the "world", I am nullf0x

People, there's no such series possible to make. Smartnuke, teaching this to beginners makes the image of hackers dull. There is so much more.

there is more, but i am making more guides, right? i just need some time to edit and make this series good enough.

You recommend Windows 7+ for hacking? DOWNVOTE.

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