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In this digital era of cyber crime, cyber attacks, and cyber warfare, the warrior of the future will be a cyber warrior. No longer will nations fight wars with guns, bullets, bombs and soldiers, but rather with computers and hacks.

National governments across our planet are training and recruiting cyber warriors to be prepared for this future. Even while you are reading this, the U.S. is silently attacking Iran's digital infrastructure, Syria's rebels are attacking the Syrian regime's digital infrastructure, Pakistan and India are attacking each other's digital infrastructure and the list could go on and on.

This is the time to begin to train to become a cyber warrior and this is the place to do it. Hone your skills here and then offer them to your national government to protect your national assets and treasure.

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thanks for the advice am waiting for the how to create a botnet article ;)'re the best master OTW

me too badly.

For the record, I am against a botnet article, but I am eager to hear OTW's thoughts on the method of actually spreading one (Better yet, a tutorial on how to create a rootkit would be pretty neat, but I doubt OTW would do a section on the programming basics to actually make one).

I agree that hacking will become a huge part in warfare of the future, but to me, i see the future as still using bombs and missiles but in a unmanned way. Like our drones that we use that are unmanned but can take out targets easily while we are safe in an office building controlling it. Unmanned warfare is where i believe its headed but hey, these unmanned combat vessels are computers, and if its a computer then it can be hacked right?


I believe that in the very near future, cyber warfare will replace "kinetic" warfare of guns and bullets. No country will be able to withstand an effective cyber attack that takes out their electrical grid, stops the cooling system of their nuclear power plants, disables their communication systems including their internet, etc.

If a nation were subjected to such an attack, not only would they not be able to launch a physical attack, but they would likely capitulate in a very short amount of time.


You gave me incentive to buy Watch Dog from Ubisoft (Not release yet)

I disagree to give your skills to your goverment. It should be used for the general good, goverments are corrupt (most of them since I am not sure for all of them...)

Fish bone:

I couldn't agree more!


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