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I'm fairly new to all the hacking stuff, but i've been searching how to's for 2 days straight.. yet none of them worked. So any tips of what i hack, what is VERY easy for even beginners.

( i got kali linux, and have my computer all ready for hacking)

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Welcome to the Null-byte community!
Getting your first successful hack is both hard and stressful
don't worry we've all been there

what tutorials have you been reading? There's some excellent tutorials in here explaining in detail how to hack into multiple operating systems etc...

Before worrying about your first successful hack I suggest you explore all of kali's tools and especially metasploit
OTW has made some excellent tutorials about metasploit
after you've studied that and explored all of kali
I'd suggest you start by hacking windows and android on LAN

check this and this

and when you've mastered that
try that but over wan

this is an awesome tutorial by code, explaining how to hack over wan,it contains everything you need, from port forwarding to getting your public ip adress

however if you're more interested in hacking websites
start by the easy and known vulnerabilities like SQLinjection and XSS
sqlinjection introduction

hacking with SQLinjection

it's true that tools like sqlmap make things easier, but learning the basics and doing it yourself is very important

XSS basics
once you've learnt the basics of XSS and how to hack websites with it you can then exploit XSS with beef to hack people
here that's a tutorial about that

here are some other methods for once you've mastered the ones above

when you feel that you're getting good
you can start using some advanced methods
and scanning websites for vulnerabilities with some advanced tools like nikto

here's another awesome tutorial about nikto and how to use it by OTW

hope my answer helped, I'd be happy to answer any further questions and help with any problems you face
happy hacking :p

Thanks for putting this together!

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