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Greetings fellow students. I have recently got the book "black hat python" and "violent python: book for hackers," but the first book is for intermidate scripters, and the second one doesnt really describe and explain the code. Its litterly a cookbook. Now i wonder if u folks have aany beginner hacking books for Python? I couldnt find the right one on internet for me. Hope u guys have some great books! Thanks

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if u r an absolute beginner.. (like me) then download the Python for kids (as far i remember).

I would say that the "beginner hacking book" is a book on learn your prefered programming language e.g. python and get to know it in depth.

And for a starter python might seem easier to grasp than e.g. C .

I actaullly think I got a Link for you, that Starts out with some "bash hacks" if you are interested?

Ye sure u can share it:) a tho im not a real beginner. I have been doing the codeacademy tutorial. And read some of the python training here. But im looking for books that really describe each hack script:)

There are no hacking books oriented around python that are for beginners. You need to learn python, and then learn the books.

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