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Hello everyone,

I am extremely new to the world of Hacking and I was wondering if anyone has any pointers for someone who is just starting out. I have some extremely basic knoweledge of coding, even saying that is a stretch though. This is something I've always wanted to get into, so even the smallest jumping off point would be appreciated.


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Hi, welcome to null-byte

I am new to the world of hacking too. These would be my suggestions:

1) Start using some linux flavor, most probably Kali Linux. Don't install it just yet. Download virtualbox software and kali linux image. Make a virtual machine and practice there. Its really easy, see videos on youtube and search google.

2) Go through CEH 6/7 (certified ethical hacker) course work. just some slides but it'll help you with the 'what's what' of hacking.

3) Read a lot. Play around with hacking tools in Kali linux. Watch youtube or use google to find out when to use a tool and how.

4) Learn to code. you can start with a scripting language like python. they are really easy and fast to learn and really good too.

5) Go through posts at null-byte, ask around if you need help with something. people here are very friendly and the atmosphere is very productive and inspiring here.

Welcome to Null-Byte


Welcome to our wonderful community at Null Byte!

Qaleb and Dragon Slayer both made excellent suggestions. That's the beauty of our community!

Welcome to this community. I would start with OTW's Linux basics and Metasploit basics.

It's hard to say since I dont know where you are headed or want to head. But I would say you need to learn some programming languages for sure.

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