Forum Thread: Being Trolled on Kik

Hi everyone! I'm new to this site and i want to begin by saying that i'm not a expert, so bear with me!

To make a long story short. I'm currently active on two dating sites online where in my profile there is a link to my Kik profile that i have on my smartphone. It's not often people contact me but it happens from time to time and that´s the point also, but only as long as they are real and serious people.

However, my experience tells me something else. I haven been contacted by people that really seems to be serious and later on they want me to sign up on some malicious websites and things like that. Other people just leave me in the dark, they send pics to you and tells they are interested and want to meet. So after agreeing on going on a date they don't show up and so on. It has happened to me on several occasions!

I think it's sad that this kind of website has turn in to some kind of haven for trolls and peopel with predatory behaviour, out just for messing with people. They steal so much time and energy from you!

Now i was wondering if any of you guys on this site have any idé on how to getting around this problem? It would be great if you had some "Tool" to use when being contacted on Kik witch lets you verify that the person you are speaking to is in fact real and serious. I've tried reverse image search tools online in order to find out if i could locate the image to any social media profile and verify that person is real and the image is not being stolen. But this tools doesn't seem to work that well, i've tried using my own facebook profil pics and it it couldn't find any match.

Would really be grateful if someone has ant idés on how to overcome this problem that im facing!

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