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I am new to the Linux field, and want to get a lightweight dedicated machine. Have learned quite a bit quickly, but surely just a drop from the ocean. My thought process is this: pickup a Chromebook, wipe it, and install Kali. My main concern is the wireless card, and finding monitor ability. I know RAM will slow me down (only 2GB, rather than 8, or even 4), and 16GB hard drives will hold me back. With an SD cars slot, it seems fine to use that for any storage I need, and my main way to transfer any data.

Regardless, I am hoping to be able to skip an easily noticed USB wireless card and find a Chromebook ready to go. If anyone has leads to decent Linux notebooks for the 200 range, or any advice in general will be happily accepted. Thank you for your time!

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You really need better RAM than only 2gb, And you should google about the wireless card if it's able to use monitor mode.

Make sure you get a wireless adapter that is on the aircrack-ng compatibility list.

I have found NOTHING on any CB wireless cards, from CR48 to modern units. Will be going with an appropriate card, unless I find a unit that works. I don't think I mentioned I will go Intel or nothing, no ARM for me. I know 2 GB is a little, but I figured it would get the job done. No plans for any VMs. May have to find 4 GB if it will be absolutely terrible with 2. It won't be dual OS, just Kali.

I would only be testing my networks, and maybe others, so the book will only see that use. OTW, I was trying to find a way to PM you, glad you chipped in. Thank you, too, NEO, any and all feedback is welcome.

If I was buying this unit, I would only consider one with an ARM.

I'm not sure if this thread is still active; but if the OP is still looking around at Chromebooks you could check out Toshiba's Chromebook 2. You have 2 options with RAM and display resolution, the slightly cheaper model will give 2gb RAM and a 720p display; whereas the slightly more expensive model (and it's only a very slight increase) will give you 4gb RAM and a 1080p display.

I haven't really looked around, but I don't think system specifications are out for the model yet; however it is slated for an Autumn release so maybe give it a little bit of a wait.

In any case, just thought I might mention it as I was in the market for a Chromebook for just this. Unfortunately I found nothing that had what I wanted.


Hey ppls,

I thought I'd chime in, since the timing was right ;) I just finished loading Kali on my Acer C720 / intel / 2GB ram / 16GB SSD / with an added 32gb sandisk extreme MicroSD (I went with the SD over the usb3.0 after I found a half size adapter on amazon last night, should fit flush but I won't know till tomorrow) anyways, I have it running alongside chrome... and...

Pros: so far I'm extremely impressed at how fast it's running (@-@)... I'll add more details once i play around with it a bit more, but so far WOW especially considering i picked up the chromebook for $142...

Cons: no Dreamweaver, no Photoshop, no Skype... well not yet :)

Ps: I've only gone to my pc two or three times in the month that I've had the chromebook.. and that was to sync my Google drive lol

Next... test and play and order one of those slimline flush mount Transcend 128gb SD drives. (Intended for macbooks)

To be continued...

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