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Hey All. I was wondering what's the best coding language to start with i'm currently learning HTML and JavaScript. And I learned unix. I really don't want to become a Script Kiddie. (:^|) thanks

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Alright ! , there is a lot of useful languages try to learn them all but then focus on one the most though it's not a must. it's all about practice you should facilitate your free time and practice more ! there are many like : python , ruby , php , jquery , Java , Javascript , SQL . As far as i know there is no "best " language , every language helps you in specific section.

There an amazing website I'm using for a long time , there a lot like it but I like it the most , you can learn any of these languages and much more for free there is some paid but most are free !

Many might know it !
Good Luck !
Code On !
Cheers !

Thanks Man!

No Worries man !
Good Luck!

I agree with you. Language I prefer to start with is python. As Arnold said, there is no "best language". Choose something what make you feel good, and is fun to you. With combination of these two "feelings", you will learn language you want for sure !

Thanks Mate!

Depends on what you're doing. There's a tool for every job and make sure you're using the correct one. Don't be making malware in Python aimed to be deployed onto Windows machines. It works but it's definitely not the best option for the job.

ok thanks!

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