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I know Kali Linux can be installed on various computers but I'm looking for a really good computer to use for Kali. Currently I'm using my Mac to run it along side OS X but I only have around a 125 GBs of storage so I don't have much room for Kali. I was thinking of going with maybe a Alienware because its a super fast computer but I really don't feel like spending so much money on a computer. So if someone could recommend a reasonably priced computer around 500 dollars preferably a small computer around 10-13 inches thats pretty fast that would be great. Thanks!

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Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241, you can look it on amazon.

Does the built in wifi work with Kali?

I found that look up the hardware is a good help. If it has broadcom than it might not work.

Personally I would go for a meatier macbook. No, not because I like macs. However, OSX is Unix based meaning you can run many Linux tools on your macbook. I would also look around a microsoft store for a nice computer or desktop at a good price, as OSX is known to be over expensive.

You said, "OSX is Unix based meaning you can run many Linux tools on your macbook." So what tools could I run on OS X?

Well, it depends on what you wish to run. If you download and install "macports" than that will allow you to download many many MANY other tools. I don't know the depths of it yet, but I think a google search would solve the mystery.

Ok man I'll check it out thanks for the info!

Besides acquiring a new laptop, I am personally running Kali on an external drive using virtualbox with an Alfa wireless card

For times when I don't want to boot into the native OS, I have a 32gb flash with persistence. I save my articles to the flash (encrypted) and just reboot when done.

My main drive encrypted also.

I was looking to get a dedicated box initially but decided to save and buy something seriously awesome instead of rushing whilst I rocked my alternatives.

Note also I changed the onboard WiFi with an atheros chip so I can use two WiFi when booting from USB

Just food for thought

How did you change the built in wifi?

So would you recommend just setting kali up on virtualbox or having a separate partition just for Kali?

Search for hp pavilion g6...
Works awesome for me...

Does the built in wifi work automatically with Kali?

Ok great thanks!

my kali linux is not working correctly if i entered any command it doesn't work

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