Forum Thread: Best OS for Hacking?

I currently have a macbook pro, and I am getting a new one with an i7 and 8g of ram. I have also found an old HP laptop. I think it's a D6. I just want to learn a bit about hacking. What would you guys recommend for an Operating System? Linux, XP or Mountain Lion?

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Any OS can be used to hack while one is more difficult to use then another. I would prefer to learn Linux, BASH, as well as JavaScript and Python for hacking. It would also be in your best interest to use some form of Linux.

Side note: What would you define as hacking, database hacking? OS exploiting" Website crashing? etc...

W/e you practice with is best. I would advise Mac or Linux though, as Windows is the odd one out when you open command line.

anonymous os is the best for hacking
and one more thing F.B.I. banned for it, that has download 2.36laks in a week...
after that backtrack is the first in open source hacking os
and after that krypton is the best for hacking..
(if u know about it)

The "new" anonymous OS was discredited by Anon. as fake and full of viruses. The "old" anonymous OS was discontinued in 2006.

Backtrack is not the first open source hacking OS (all of these are open source, and more came before), although it is pretty great and is definitely industry standard.

Krypton is not "Krypton" it's "Matriux" and personally it looks a lot like Backtrack. This release is called Krypton. That's like calling Backtrack "R4" and Mint "Katya" or w/e.

I have a very small minnow to catch for practice, and then it's on to the sharks. Something has awoken within me and I know how to fight the right wars. I'm biding my time until I can make my weapons. Any advice for this absolute noob? Does what kind of computer I choose to work from matter? Or just the OS?

feel free to message me. i want to remain as anon as possible
im sure fed already has a sizable file on me. as they have on all of us.
push us and we will push back ten fold.

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