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Which language would you recomm for me, for this hacking stuff?
I would like to write my own stuff, but I don't know which language I should learn.
I can program in Python, Java, Bash, Php and Html but I don't know what language is the best this.

Thanks in advance for your ideas,
Hannes Müller(Of course not my real name)

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Python the hacker language, there is tons of Books about hacking Python.

Ok what book should I read? I can't find anything that seems right for me.

Sorry for late response...
I have a book that is pretty easy instructed it is called
Python and hacking the no-nonsense bundle

Hope it Will help you in your search to becoming a scriptor :)

Thanks allot. I will have a look at it.

Glad I could help:)

It depends largely on what you want to do. Generally, for writing your own tools and exploits, python is recommended. If you would like to write your own malware, then maybe c/c++

thanks, but i think python the best!

I am engaged in the development of various applications and on my way tried a lot of programming languages. I stopped at unity, because I like this language very much + it is easy to use.

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