Forum Thread: Best Tool to Generate Malware?

What is the best tool to generate malware, and how can I use it safely? I know that most DarkComet RAT downloads are ratted themselves, and I obviously do not want this on my system.


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This site is for non illegal use. Yes, it is true that DarkComet is full of malware. I once tried a supposedly legit copy and got infected. If you want to learn for the enjoyment of learning and to further your education, there are plenty of tutorials on this site as well as others. I'll give you a hint though, Shellter.

I'm only doing this for learning, and thanks.

I'd also check into veil evasion. It has the ability to generate payloads with AES encryption. And usually works unless the person is using a good AV that sandboxes.

I have tried Veil-Evasion, and I really love it. I probably should have said that in my original post, so thanks anyway.

Ah, thanks, that works :)

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