Forum Thread: Best Way to Deal with Script Kiddies?

Since most of them are under the age of 18 and live in the US (well, the ones I deal with at least) I doubt any real authorities would bother with them.

The most effective method I can think of is finding their information and emailing their parents or a local official. What do you think would be proper way to take these pseudo-criminals down?

Reason behind this post: I'm tired of hearing some 14 year old scream "ILL KICK YOU OFF THE WEB" with his LOIC.

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If a script kiddie is threatening you, they are probably harmless. I wouldn't waste time trying to find their information.

If I look away from a snake, will he think twice before striking with his fangs?

These guys are somewhat serious. One man is in his late teens and actually uses a small botnet to DDoS users of a certain MMO.

Luckily the rest just launch half witted assaults that only lag internet. It's a pain nonetheless.

Was he just using slowloris or something with a bunch of infected computers?

I don't know. I've kept my distance since I personally know people who've been taken offline. I believe he was probably using a paid booter.

Do people make botnets just by putting a meterpreter or backdoor on multiple computers? Is there a certain tool or something that all the kiddies use?

BeEF... you probably could use Metasploit, but it sure would be a pain manually running them. You could always make a Meterpreter script.

Harmless -> Ignore
"Non ragioniam di lor, ma guarda e passa..."

I have no problem with you and your actions against script kiddies. But we should all note experts didn't just emerge from space, We all start at a point and get somewhere, The best way to win a fight is not to fight. Without the beginning ( script kiddie ), there will be no end ( expert ). What you can do is to ignore and continue your life. Peace

NOTE: Heaven and Creation even started from a beginning and now humans ( earth ) have perfected its work through errors, discovery. With time script kiddies will realise its time to grow and thats where they become serious so I can say its just a matter of time. Peace once again.

Exactly. I don't think it's fair to say that all script kiddies must be "dealt" with. They just have to learn.

It's not the issue of those who experiment with code they have. It is ones who maliciously seek harm and extortion with no remorse.

I encourage some to learn and practice, but a few are just too malicious to let loose in the interweb.

I agree with Cameron Glass!

Script kiddies are idiots and can't harm you. Just send them some Python code and they'll be scared. Or send them some fake shellcode via the chat.

Kicking you off the web with LOIC? Nah, it's not effective enough.

Am i allowed to post links of a youtube video ??
Its acctually really genius what he done but instead of a script kiddie it wsa a raging hater threating to troll him

I watch some COD videos when bored and witness alot of idiotic script kiddy threatening to DDOS everyone or obtaining credit card info. Of course there are those that are REAL script kiddies, the one that obtained a botnet or 0day from the darknet and actually "zombified" another computer as well as obtain an ego. But really, they can do nothing.

No, even script kiddies aren't that smart. They're usually children under the age of 13 that have nothing better to do than troll/look "cool." In fact, the name "script kiddie" is giving too much considering they don't even know how to write scripts! lol

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