Forum Thread: Best Way to Get Rid of Trojan ELF.KingRoot-A????

Hi, I Recently Rooted My Kyocera c6530 with KingRoot, I Had Also Installed BusyBox for a Different App Previously, I Also Installed KingUser, but Immediately Uninstalled Because I Read That SuperSU Was Better and That People Didn't Really Like Having King Rootor User on Their Smartphone, Anyways, I Downloaded Titanium Backup So I Could Flash a Custom ROM (Which I Haven't Found D a Great One or Even a Definite One, Any Suggestions?), Later When I Was Making a Backup of My TB on My SD Card, My PCs Antivirus Program Said I Had PUP\:ELF.KingRoot-a 13 Total Infected Files. I've been doing research for 3 days now and am just so wary now about downloading Anything that I can't seem to be able to decide on anything to use to make sure I Completely wipe this virus out. Also, I realize I need to uninstall the original file with the virus in it, but I'm not sure which app it came from, BusyBot, KingRoot or KingUser, and if I Do uninstall KingRoot,. will my phone go back to its original state? Can I just factory reset it back to new? I don't really care if I lose apps or music, I already had backups of those. And lastly, is my SD card now obsolete, or can that be cleaned?

Thank you for any help, tips, knowledge in general, ahead of time!

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Don't worry, it's all under control. Several anti-virus softwares classify KingRoot as a trojan. Rather it's just a false positive that several anti-virus engines, mark it as a virus. They search for executable android apks which categorize in compromising the security of your device, which is certainly not the case here as we rooted the phone ourselves, to gain escalated privileges..

You can read it in detail here.

Still if you would like to reset the KingRoot, here's an article that can help you do it quite easily.

And if this doesn't help, yes, the factory reset option is always available! :)

I have nothing else to add.

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Thank you so Very Much!!

I'm going to check out those links right now, but maybe you wouldn't mind answering another question for me (OK maybe 2)? If I Don't have a virus on my phone, how come so many of my apps, ones that came with the phone and ones I've installed, are acting up? Like my original speech to text doesn't type out anything when I speak into the mic. And my Mixcloud app. Won't completely finish loading up, I can't do Anything with that one. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling that one. And last question, I like having root on my phone, quite a bit, is what should I use for root manager if I uninstall Kingroot?

Thanks again

Root does cause some dis-functionalities sometimes. It's common that some features don't work or behave they are meant to. Especially, when you do it via an app or third party software. As they payload doesn't interpret exactly the same on every machine, due to difference in register pointer locations.

KingRoot is okay, I guess. Though you can visit for rooting it manually, which could be considered the best option. It also has various mods that can be resourceful, and support almost all mobile-devices.

Be sure, you have restored your phone back from KingRoot before rooting it again! Rather, factory reset if it is possible. :P


Thank you for your advice, and also for your patience and willingness to teach a novice hardly tech savvy individual such as myself!

Also I wanted to say that I apologise if I posted in the wrong place, this was my first post, and I'll admit among the first ten times on this site, I had just read about Mentor OTW leaving Null Byte due to script kiddies and people that disrespect the p!atform or don't do their own work, and ask for answers to easily researchable questions.

I think that really blows and would like to say on my behalf, I have researched quite a bit about every question I asked, but sometimes, I can't stay focused on one thing long enough to find what I need and end up with so much info on so many different, yet related topics that I find myself overwhelmed, which sometimes can lead to a panic attack!!!!

(I was police escorted out of Joanne Fabrics after spending 3.5 hours trying to decide which beads I wanted for my small jewelry making business, I was sitting on the floor, bawling my eyes out)

So again Thank You, and best of luck to you all, and I hope to have something to contribute soon

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