Forum Thread: BIOS Malware and Infected Router

hello, pls can someone with experience tell me what to exactly do .. i'm a bit scared cause i am not sure..

long time ago my computer was full of viruses.. ofcourse i reformatted like 8 times but still,i also had an android who still got full of viruses ( i know i was stupid) and then factory reset it.. i think this formats it and delete viruses i guess right?anyways

i was wondering if my android is infected can it infect the router and do some computer worms and infect everything? i mean only from an android??

i plugged in again my old computer which was full of viruses may it be bios hacked? and if so.. how can i detect this and remove it..

if my router is infected how can i detect and remove...
Pls i need help as soon as possible i am really worried cause i have some important stuff..

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I suspect that whatever you are using to store your data is infected. You say that you have formatted it 8 times and you say that "you have important stuff". You couldn't have important important stuff if you had formatted.

noo... i mean accounts. like for example steam accounts,and if my pc or pcs are hacked ofcourse it will get hacked too got me wrong here :)and obviously i don't need to save them if i know them..but if i log in, the hacker can steal it..

please can you answer my real questions if possible?

Be specific. What exactly are your questions?

If you questions are can viruses (malware) infect your BIOS or router, the answer is yes, but it is very unlikely.

ok i will repeat:

1.if my phone is infected with malware,can it infect my whole router and by that infect my pcs etc..and if my router is infected how can i remove the viruses or detect ?

2.if my bios is infected how can i see or remove.?

The answer remains the same. It is possible, but VERY unlikely. I would look for the infection elsewhere, first.

well where exactly?this is what i've been asking the whole time..can you pls tell me what should i do?both to the router and to the bios.. if you know.

Have you formatted all your storage devices? This includes thumbdrives?

umm im gonna tell you what i actually did. so i got the windows trial 10 installed it and i just deleted all the partitions.. so basically everything that appeared there.

You need to format everything and then rebuild. Also format any storage device that touched that machine.

well i didn't plug any usb,so nothing.. it's a laptop,everything from its own..and when i installed windows i deleted all partitions which obviously formats it..and let's say i plugged a mouse,i don't think it is that possible to hack my must be very hard

Deleting partitions does not format the drive. Go back and format and then rebuild.

By the way, do you have a good AV on this system. That could save you a lot of trouble.

well format what exactly?yes i use malwarebytes but like deleting partitions and formatting can save me from viruses i guess..

well yeah.. when i reinstall windows i format/delete the disks until it remains one 500gb and it can't be formatted anymore cause it's already empty..

Bring your computer to a professional.

I agree. If your computer was really full of viruses there's a chance that there might be some persistent stuff inside. If that's something you can risk having then by all means, continue using it as you would but I wouldn't risk it if I was in your position.

well the thing is i am not using that computer anymore,i just wanna make sure how can i detect it on bios and remove it..

and i am more worried about the infected router..i wanna know how i can detect that too,there's this thing called computer worms,i think it has to do with that.don't ask my about av,they all suck,any good hacker can bypass them.

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