Forum Thread: How to Block and Remove Hackers Currently in Windows Nokia 635 Phone

This is 2nd phone hacked. Also, my Windows 8.1 laptop, my Verizon account, hotspot, home modem, home wireless, all online storage backups, all cloud drives, all MS email accounts, all Gmail accounts, etc. Everything has either been stolen or gone to a virtual machine. How do I fix this phone now and restart everywhere else? I'm a photographer. My images are stolen as well as 2 years worth of work. SOMEONE HELP PLEASE!! All of my logins are redirected to their designation. I have 2 inches of printed proof of their takeover and code rewrites.

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Id call some form of authority who can actaully, physically help you. If you want to find whoever did this, you might want to start digging around for an IP address they may have left behind, or you could leave that to the professionals that you should definately contact.


Yeah, thanx, I get that...i called Microsoft security line, to no avail. They actually seemed quite disinterested. I paid for and queried a "JustAnswerExpert"who ended up telling me basically that I sounded quite knowledgeable...??? Just reading on this mess 24/7 last few days. Altho he said I had a lot of captured texts, they seem removed from reporting the seriousness of this nature. It's all my accounts, sites, clouds, everything. Very discouraging.

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