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hello friends,
I am new to null byte and this is my first post so please give me tips in the comment section.

there is probably no reason to block facebook but if want to focus on somethimg important like studies,work and dont want facebook to distract you or you can do it for fun as a prank.

Step 1: Run Notepad as Administrator

1.Click on start button>all programs>accessories
2.right click on notepad and run it as administrator.

Step 2: Opening the Host File

  1. Click on file>open, then you have to locate the following adress


Step 3: Editing the Host File

  1. in the host file search for the following code :-

# localhost
then just below that paste the folloowing code:-
# Blocking Facebook

then save the file and you are done.

now you cannot access facebook in any website.

Step 4: Blocking Anyother Website Eg:- Google

  1. just paste the following code below # localhost

# block google

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if u didn"t like it then tell me i will surely remove this post. this is my first post so i don't know anything about null byte. should research. We have absolutely no specific purpose to block Facebook like that. Perhaps it could better have been an example.


this post is not only to block facebook you can block any website. Imagine the case of parents if they dont want that their children to access some websites they can do this.

That's exactly what I mean. You used the tutorial for Facebook, which should have been an example of an arbitrary tutorial.


ok then i will change the title if it offends you in any way but look down i gave an example of blocking google...

It doesn't offend me. It just makes your post less informative. If I were you, I'd make an arbitrary tutorial rather than one working solely with examples. Then I'd give some common sites like Facebook. And some extra bit of information. Because that's what I'd prefer to read. If you'd prefer to read this format, that's fine by me.


you can use this to prank your friend with blocking their facebook or any other, just make a batch file and use it

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