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So I was in the middle of sudo apt-get upgrade and a meterpreter thing I had been testing on my pc and Iceweasel. It started to run quite slow to the point where I could barely move any windows and then virtualbox gave me this error

So I logged back in and got this

If I try to open a terminal (windows key + s then type terminal) it goes back to the error. I've rebooted my pc.

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I fixed it.

Somehow instead of virtualbox booting into the graphical interface of kali it gave me a terminal. There I could finish the upgrade and after restarting all was well :)

If it happens again try using cntrl-alt-f1/f2/f3 etc. Until you find one that drops you to a tty. You should probably check through your log files and see what happened though.

for linux
theree's a simple way :

1.login with normal way you'll see blue screen and no icon as the title is , and press ALT+F1 then type (xterm) then hit ENTER.

2.type (cd /var/lib/dpkg)and you'll need to delete all the file on (updates)folder OR delete the whole folder and the way to do that is typing (rm -r updates)while you in folder Dpkg .

3.make a folder updates back by typing (mkdir updates) ((important! to avoid error massage))

4.then type (cd)to get back to the main/basic CMD then type (apt-get autoremove) and then type (reboot)

and welcome back

Where we want to type alt +F1 to screen!! I am using virtual box

Press RightCtrl (which is the hostkey on Virtual box) and F1
So RightCTRL+F1 , it shall prompt u something
Enter username and password:
User root
Password toor
And u will have a command line shell as root

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