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So i was attempting to partition my USB with Kali Linux for Kali Linux Persistance. While creating the partitions I lost power and when I finally got the system up again i let it automatically boot to Windows as my system does unless i get into the boot options on the start up. However it would not boot at all! It came up with a blank black screen with a blinking cursor in the top left corner.

When i attempt to boot from the usb for kali i then get another error:

When i attempt to boot where i once had windows boot i no longer have this so I am not sure whats happening. From what Ive read on the above picture it is apparently attempting to boot from the network drive and that its easily fixed but I am not sure at all.


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Either download the windows installation/repair disc for your version and put it on a usb and boot into that or if you have the disc use that. Try repairing it through that. You might just need to let it load at the blank screen it might be repairing automatically

I've had this problem before, and to fix it, I just reinstall Kali on the flash drive. What program are you using to do it? I use Universal USB Installer.

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