Forum Thread: Bootable Usb Hacking Device

Ok so I had an idea.. can you tell me if it can be done??

I want to create a usb that can boot from boot menu.. when the pc boots it up... it copies the payload to windows or whatever os the pc has... and it does it automatically..

So what happens is that I plug the isb in.. boot from it... the payloads gets copied... pc shuts down... and plug it out... and I dont have to press a key...

Is it possible??

Thank you...

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It's called a badUSB.


Oh thanks!! Ive been searching for a day!!

Its called badUSB, but there are "better" versions like Rubber Ducky by hak5, or simple "usb drive by" made on teensy board (possible also on arduino leonardo). USB device play like HID, it says to the computer "hi, I am keyboard, now watch out!" and types all good stuff. You can use ducky scripts, put it in duckuino encoder and then flash it on arduino. Add some storage and you can dump passwords from all computers in range in seconds and then analyze dumps in your room drinking coffee.

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