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Can someone send tutorial where you can make your own botnet! Thanks

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I would look into the Zeus botnet, I don't have links to valid non-infected versions or setup instructions but I know it is really powerful and comes with a GUI. Zeus allows for scripting and controlling certain computers based on how you want an attack to happen. Getting the botnet (no matter what type) onto a computer is honestly the hard part of most botnets.

Take note, if you are going to use Zeus, you should crypt it. Zeus is kind of ancient by now and almost every AV has it's signature in it's database by now.


Take what you've learned with Metasploit or BeEF (or both), and just make a script to take control of all the pwned machines to run the same command, or split command (i.e., password cracking).

Well i actually Test Athena HTTP but it doesn't work ..

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