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is there anyone out there that can direct me in some really good tutorials on coding botnets in c++ i am learning to code in c++ and i want to learn how to code a botnet for learn purposes i know of the san intitute build your own botnet but what i dont understand is all the code for the bot goes in the .exe or if all the code gets put in the c & c im kind of really confused on that part i understand every botnet needs a c & c and than you have your bots and command come from the c & c but when i code the bots where does that code go any was i have been useing alot of google but everyone want to show you how to set up a existing one but not how to code one so if anyone can point me in the right direction much will be appreciated thank you

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You don't code a botnet, you code the bot. A botnet is the collection of infected machines which contains the bot.

Bots are all unique which are designed for specific purposes which includes but isn't limited to: denial of service attacks, bitcoin mining and spamming.

As with everything in life, to be able to make something, you must first understand how it works. Once you've had enough experience with programming and can understand and research required protocols and the functionality of the bots, e.g. denial of servicing requires knowledge of networking and its protocols, the exploit, socket programming, etc., only then should you start.

If there was a tutorial out there teaching how to code a bot for a botnet, it would be extremely long because of what I have just stated. The fundamentals needed is extremely broad and studying the basics of them would take at least a year or two. People should know that creating these hack tools - or any hacks for that matter - are at an intermediate to advanced level. Start with something simple, like socket programming and build up from there. If you truly understand how bots and botnets work, you should know which direction to take and what to research.

Remember, coding is an art form, you must know what you're doing instead of simply looking up examples. You should only reference something to understand how it works, not to copy it. To be able to make something by yourself with your own hands is a special skill and special things do not come easily.

wow thank you for you input that was beautiful, I have a lot of studying and learning to do I was just was wondering if there was tutorials out there like that cause I haven't been able to find anything but your right it would be long the sans institute build your own bot is 84 pages.....its a good tutorials I just trying to get all the material I can again thank you kind of clear up some for me and I think I know where I am going to start thanks again

There are many tutorials out there however not specifically for building bots for a botnet. If you require tutorials, it should be to understand something. For example, you want to learn how to code a UDP flood function but that requires knowledge of socket programming. The tutorial you want to look for is something which teaches how to program with sockets. From there, you will want to look specifically into how UDP sockets are done and how to perform a successful UDP packet send to a server. Once you can do that, it's simply a matter of throwing in a while loop and constantly sending the UDP packets.

In conclusion, you don't search for "how to build a bot", you break it up into smaller and smaller pieces and you find tutorials on each specific function. Once you have enough pieces, you can throw everything you've learned together and build something.

What do you mean by socket programming? I looked it up and are you talking about the programming that it takes for a program to communicate with the bot? Also, I didn't think it would be an entire category of programming if that's the case. Any recommended books on this topic? Thanks in advance

Socket programming is programming the ability for your program to communicate with other programs over a network link with files called "sockets". For this you would want to know a bit about networking and how clients and servers initialize a connection and talk to each other. As for a guide, that would depend on the language with which you are writing. If it's C, here is Beej's Guide to Network Programming.

Interesting. Thank you for the reply

Beej's Guide is a classic. Very good suggestion.

You also have a lot of good information on the man pages. Once you are done with the basics:

man 7 socket
man 7 ip
man 7 tcp

And one of the most interesting ones for the kind of tools discussed here: man 7 raw, but you better go for libpcap.

Then, at some point you have to read Unix Network Programming and the BIBLE TCP/IP Illustrated... Yes, the three volumes.

I can give you my code for the bot, if you actually learn how it works and not just use it.

it's in c# though, although i have a copy in c as well(I was bored) but it is not finished. I use twitter as the c&c, right now i'm stuck because twitter doesn't use http anymore or my GET reguest was wrong.

Can you put that code here?

really twitter ??? wow yes i am very interested i want to learn and it would be great to look at more code

I'll message it to you tommorrow, dont give it out to anyone or even show the code to anyone plz

so if you can you twitter does this mean you could also use a cell phone ??

yeah you can control it through you phone, ps3, smart tv, pretty much anything that has a web browser

but first make an twitter account you can use for the c&c

wait right now ??

yeah,coz you need it to execute commands we will continue this through messaging, this comment section is getting long

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