Forum Thread: BREACH ATTACK Configuration ?

I saw on Youtube ( a TUTORIAL on "BREACH ATTACK" and frankly, I admit that this is very interesting but I do not understand configuration.

I downloaded the script BREACH on the same video on site.

So I'd like a little kindness on your part that you help me configuer the script or rather to explain to me how to make the configuration script BREACH I discovered on .

While the README file that I downloaded BREACH say

### How to customize:

  1. Edit your hosts file entry with your new target.
  2. Edit in `` TargetIP` address SSLProxy.cs`.
  3. Edit in `` KeySpace` BREACH Basic.cs` to Reflect the target's secret alphabet.
  4. Edit in `` TargetURL` BREACH Basic.cs`.
  5. Edit `canary` to specify your bootstrapping sequence in 'BREACH Basic.cs'.
  6. Compile & Run.

However, I would understand the above requirements:

Number 3: (how to find and edit the ideal keyspace for the vulnerable site in question)?
Number 5: (What is a "Canary" and how to specify it for it to match the vulnerable site)?
Number 6: (Can I compile all of these files modified with VISUAL STUDIO before running)?

Advance thank you kindly explain to me because it is unclear to me and I do not understand absolutely nothing?

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More research into it...
Really good eye opener!!!!

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