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hello my new dear colleagues on nullbyte, welcome to the world of white-hat / hackers, I could see that lately there have been many posts coming from new users with basic questions such as: how to download programs on kali linux, what type of wireless card,how to install programs, so I decided to give a brief summary for newbies like me, to say that i am still learning and if I'm wrong someone makes me correction.


theoretically the answer is quite simple, you are in the right place to start, nullbyte is a community where you will learn many

new things, here's a bit of everything, from the most basic things to the raspberry-pi

but surely google and youtube are also other great tutors.

Going to the practical side based on what I went through, I think a good idea is you hearken requirements before you begin your life as hacker, it is said that to be hacker dont need to know programming, but I believe that a good hacker must know how to program, because in the future it would help you to better understand the functioning of the system, making your own exploits, and more. So my advice is before you start life as a hacker, you need to first have a basic understanding of computer networks and programming.

Here are some useful links for you:

Now if you already have some basic knowledge and want to start your first day as a hacker my first advice is to get some basic knowledge of Linux, because in my opinion hackers must know linux,

here's a good link to get you started:

When you already you have made all the requirements stated above I believe that you are prepared to give your first steps as a hacker

note: like me, may be the case of not being in a country with English as official language, then a basic English is also important for your path.


If you already have the whole basis and do not know where to start, I believe that the first step will be to choose an operating system and download the most important tools for hackers, you can use any operating system for your work, but I believe that most good hackers use Linux, so my advice would be to choose a Linux distribution and install it on your machine, so to remember that the most popular distribution used by hackers recently is kali linux because it comes with alot of hacking tools on it.

you can download the image here and install it on your virtual machine.

download kali linux:

And in case you already have surpassed all these steps before you start the first click on kali linux read this tutorial here:


After all this installation is important to take note of one thing, always anonymous, after you've completed this process, I advise you to install the tools that will make you an anonymous.

here's a good link for you:


After you complete all the processes above said, this time for a hands-on, but before you start your attacks i think you should know the types of cyber attacks, I do not want to prolong this tutorial here is the link with the most common types of attacks:
The other thing I would advise you to take a look are also the googledorks:


In case you already know everything I said above, then it's time to get your hands dirty.

My advice for you is to start by attacks on web pages, SQLI and xss seem to me to be the most popular, then start to explore

these two attacks, use googledork to find vulnerable pages.


If even after all this you are someone who already has these 5 requirements and have any questions about a program, an error, how to install a program, an opinion on a particular device, you'd better send a private message to admin or to the nullbyte moderators, or also for those users who you see has many tutorials and participation in the community, I am saying this because recently I saw many posts with questions on nullbytes and many received negative credits and this is not healthy for the community and if we continue to post questions the community will run out of aesthetics, I am not a professional but I'll be available to answer whenever possible.

7-HAHAHA and if you are one that has passed all these stages, I am waiting for your correction and new tutorials..

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Nice tutorial. However, I believe that learning to crack WEP, and then WPA2 passwords is a more natural progression than jumping straight into website work (which newbies probably wouldn't be able to do legally anyway). It would be a nice foundation and facilitate other attacks such as MITM and Metasploit when their skills develop.

you are right , i did not think about it, i guess cracking your own network using kali´s tools is a good way to begin, then u can jump into web attacks, but still in case you got some basic knowledge about html,css,javascript and alit bit of php you can test your own websites too

Agreed. Programming should come first. I know that many of the users on null byte (myself included) do not have website(s).

if you know html,css,javascript and some of php and mysql u can build a website and host with these companies they give you free hosting, its good for practicing your web attacks.. otherwise just create a wordpress website and test it, btw you can set your local host envoriment to test your website, and in case you dont know php and my sql this site might be useful for you:

Can I install KALI on a usb and use it effectively. I do not want to partition my hard disk and slow up boot. Using a laptop so alternate hard disk not possible.


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