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Hi, I've been lurking here for some time now and thought it'd be best for me to join the Community. I teach myself how to code on code academy.

Anyway if I wanted to hack a hotmail account, how can I do this? I was thinking of Brute Forcing it, but people say that a some point it'll lock you out. Now only that, but even if the password is only 8 characters long, that still doesn't mean the password will be in the word list. So basically from what people say it sounds like Brute Force is pretty useless. What do you guys think?

An what after some other ways of getting the hotmail password?

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Brute force should always be a last resort. Let's be clear on what brute force actually is, because there is a big difference between a brute force attack and a dictionary attack. A dictionary attack uses common passwords in a list and tries them one by one where as a brute force attack goes for every single combination of keystrokes.

Directly hacking into the email is not always the best option either. Sometimes a little bit of social engineering can go a long way. Try clicking "forgot password", and social engineering the security phrases out of your victim to reset the password completely.

Hope this comment will give you a good idea of how email hacking is done.
-Cameron Glass

send the victim a email with payload,hack his phone or pc

BF'ing will take some time, depending on the length and complexity of the password.

Try to email the original person, maybe something like "Hotmail is undergoing new security update. Please change your password to 1X5%G$T for maximum security. Contact us at for any other questions for concerns"

That eliminates several days, if not weeks of cracking.

Another approach is to find out their interests, and try to come up with passwords that they might use, "footballfan94", "larryjenkins1", "hockeylover123", etc

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