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this is my first post here so i apologise for any mistakes i may make
second i migt sound like a script kiddie because i started this a few months and sorry for my bad english

i have been trying to brute force a wifi login page of which i know the username and i know the password is 4 numerical digits i tried this post by OTW but the password seems to be sent by md5 hashes i tried making a of md5 hashes from 1000 to 9999 using the javascrpit igot from the source of the page and the parameters of the md5 seem to change everytime i refresh the page and the page sends a html page

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I'm not sure that I understand completely the issue. I do know however that you would want to make a 4 digit number range from 0000 to 9999, not 1000 to 9999. This is because by doing it your way you leave a gap of 999 possible passwords.

Hope this helps!

  • Cameron

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