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I've started making a bruteforce module in python. I was wondering what features you guys would like to see in something like that. So far I have the basics like a dictionary based attack and a whole keyspace attack. What else should I add?

Note: This isn't designed to be a separate tool for password cracking because tools like this already exist. This is a tool to build python programs on.


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Update I'm trying to make a mask function like in hashcat but, I'm having a hard time figuring out how. If you could help that'd be cool


use mechanize to brute force web apps.

and allow us to set the number of threads we want to use, and how much passwords we spread to crack over these threads.


I'm not making an app, I'm making a module so people can make apps with a bruteforcing capability. Its so you can do import bruteforce and then all of the bruteforce functions will be available at command, so if you wanted to use mechanize to bruteforce a website you could simply import the module and use the command rather than writing a bruteforce function every time.

Sorry if there was a misunderstanding.

i knew you were making a module.....

what i ment was you could include something in the module to brute force webapps.

something like:

bruteforce.bfURL(paramter1, parameter2)

same for the multithreading part. you could do:

bruteforce.multiThread(amountOfThreads, anotherParameter)


Oh ok, I understand now. Sorry for before :P
Thanks for the input. The multithreading one won't be hard, but I'll need to research the mechanize part.


no probs :D. just trying to help. such a module might come in handy.

will you post your module here on null byte after creation?


I await your module :D

I've got an early version, however I'm not sure whether it is worth releasing because the module only has three features :)

If you'd like I can start to put it on github but I doubt there is much point.


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