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Greetings fellow geeks :D

Yesterday has been the first episode of the Dutch show called "Internet pesters" , Translated in English it means " Internet bully's". i have seen it yesterday because i was to lazy to grab my laptop and do stuff that really matters, like being on the null byte forum :). The episode topic for yesterday was that a kiddo(1) made a clip and posted it on youtube. Now some other kiddo's(2) thought it was funny and posted some racial offensive things to kiddo(1) his video. Which later bite him in the ass since they tracked him down"Lel". Now i was wondering how they did it.

Because i thought it wasn't possible to trace a youtube account his IP, and there wouldn't be a chance in the world that Youtube is gonna hand over that kind of information, definitely for these kind of silly things, now they said in the end of the show that ISP should hand over more information of a person so that they can be confronted for the actions they do. Now i was kinda skeptic over this since i don't think that a ISP could actually see what packet has this Youtube account name connected to this IP. Since they probably use a huge DHCP server.

What are you people thoughts about how they could track that kiddo his IP,

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i think that they use social engineering to track that kiddo or they have an 0day exploit on youtube which allow them to get the ip

-The Philosopher

That's simple. They hacked Youtube and found his IP. Since there's no real need of making sense in random entertainment.


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