Forum Thread: How to Buy Bitcoins Anonymously?

How can i buy anonymously?

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How much do you want to buy ?

The most anonymous way to buy it is with cash with someone who is willing to sell.

You can try the ATM's but they require an active phone number. If you want it a little more anonymous, you can download, "burner" use the burner number.

Also, you can buy a tracphone with cash and get a text to that number too, although I haven't tried anything like that and I don't know of any identity issues you will run into.

You could also buy some paysafecards and trade them with anyone who is willing to sell bitcoin ( me )

Using prepaid cards? Cash? Some other cryptocurrency? Some virtual currency? Mining?
This question shows a lack of any research, that you ran miles away at the first hint of research.

-The Joker

You could use several services to obtain bitcoins by using cash.

BitInstant is a service that some stores such as Walmart, or CVS offer. It allows you to exchange cash for bitcoins, however there is a 3.99% fee. This service sends your money through an exchange.

Ziggap offers the same service as BitInstant and is available at most of the same places, however the fee is 5.49%. The benefit of this service is there is no exchange and it goes directly to your account so you get the bitcoins in just minutes instead of hours.

Please refer to Google because I personally know this question hasnt been properly re-searched.

Buying bitcoins anonymously is difficult.

1- You could buy a prepaid credit card or gift card with cash and buy them but you will get a bad exchange rate.
2- Locally with cash craigslist or localbitcoins

It is also hard to turn bitcoins in cash anonymously so if you can find someone is trying to do that it is a good exchange but you also get into a realm of risky transactions with strangers.

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