Forum Thread: Buying a Bluetooth Usb Dongle

Need Help can any one tell me which Bluetooth USB Dongle is best for Bluetooth hacking and compatible with Kali Linux 2.0 (Sana)

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The key is to find a dongle that works with Linux. Most dongles do not. Look at the specs and look for Linux compatibility.

Also, I have an article coming out today on the MultiBlue dongle. It's a bit pricier ($35) but is capable of giving you mouse and keyboard control of a Bluetooth enabled device.

can i buy that type of adapter in Pakistan ? because i can't order it on amazon it will cost me Duty.As For the mouse and keyboard control is it possible because i saw it in Mr.Robot episode 1.7

Then, just buy a Linux compatible Bluetooth adapter.

thx for the Quick response OCCUPYT HEWEB. Really appreciate your hard word you are a great inspiration for a newbie like me .

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