Forum Thread: Buying a Pi 3B or 3B+? / Best External Antenna?

So this is a two part question:

  1. Should I get the Pi 3B or the Pi 3B+? I have the money for the better option but I remember watching one of Null-Bytes videos telling that the 3B+ is not as compatible with lots of the software
  1. Im looking for an external antenna, hopefully something with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, found something like this: - but wanted your opinions. (Edit: Also note that I want to use everything in Kali-Linux so im hoping to find an adaptor that supports monitor mode and packet injection)

Thank you

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Uh. What? If a adapter works or not is usually have a doing with the Kernel of the OS. In simpler terms, firmware. On Debian, you can manually install the deb file for the firmware that you need. Also, I do not suggest the ARM version of Kali on a RPi mainly due to the fact that it is bulky when compared to how much onboard RAM that Pi's come with. Either way, Kali was based off of Debian, so deb files can be installed on Kali just like on pure Debian.

RPi 3 B+ because of dualband antennas, slightly faster CPU, up to 1 Gbit/s LAN and this for a few more bucks. I bought the Alfa AWUS 1900 because of dualband & omnidirectional antennas and a chipset which is capable of packet injection, monitormode & mastermode. But the drivers for the linux kernel aren't that good you gotta find and download them online.

I hope I could help :)

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