Forum Thread: How to Bypass Chrome/Firefox Filters?

When making a phishing page (for educational purposes ofcourse) I always end up getting it blocked almost instantly by the Chrome/Firefox filters (not by IE). Is there a way I can get it to work around this filter so that the page doesn't get blocked?

I figured out it's the html that gets blocked because when I only upload the html it already gets blocked, without anything else. I tried to get around it but couldn't.

Thanks in advance

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You got skype or something? I could help you

It might be easier to help if you showed the code you were trying to upload or if you explained a bit more how you are going about this.. :)

IDK if it still works but wasn't there a bug that if you translated the website with google translate (not the content, the whole website) the alert wouldn't show up?

I think that got fixed Gabriel Schwartz, but not sure.
@Italics: Do you mean the complete html code? (since it's highly probable it's the html that's getting blocked)?
As an example I'm just using Facebook html, from Facebook homepage source page copied.

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