Forum Thread: Bypass Log-in Required Wifi ?

I've gone through some Wifi hacking using BackTrack in the past and continue on doing the same for WPA/WPA2 wifi which is kinda headache using dictionary attack due to time consuming or impossible. Thanks to the existence of null-byte community finally shown the alternate way that WPA/WPA2 is indeed possible to get cracked.

Btw I am out of topic.

From the experience as mentioned above, what comes into my mind is bypassing the login security.

Basically some people/organization/university intentionally set up their connection to open but ended up require login from user. It redirects us to the webpage to login. From here, I understand that it could be more secure from just providing password to the wifi.

I managed to login to the wifi because a friend of mine gave me his account & password. As I know, each person who work for that particular company has their own user & password to log into the wifi. Well, it is not comfortable to login everytime when session timeout. Not sure if there's workaround using php trick or sumting else

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