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Hi, I'm spending my vacation in a camping that have a WiFi Hotspot that offers you 10 minutes of free connection, then you have to pay. For the moment I've discovered that I can reuse this 10 minutes if I change my MAC address and browser. I've got only 3 browsers on my Pc but if I create a new account I can use this trick over and over. What information can log the hotspot about my browser and user? Can I avoid creating each time a new account on my computer?

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Have you tried writing a script that change your Mac address before 10 minutes have passed?

The browser could be cookies, if that's what then just also delete any history on the browser, can be done by settings on your browser, but then you have to exit and reopen it. I am sorry I can't be more helpful since I don't know for sure what information is stored, ip, Mac cookies etc.

The hotspots at the airport identify your computer via your MAC address. In layman terms, the MAC Address is a unique identifier assigned to your WiFi adapter. When you connect to the hotspot, it will remember your MAC Address and start counting the minutes. When the time is up then it will redirect you to the payment page where you have to pay in order to continue using the internet.

I think you can now see the obvious:

What if I have another MAC address? Will the hotspot think I am a new computer and give me another complimentary 30 minutes access for free?

The answer is: "Yes, indeed". A "new computer" is a computer where the hotspot has not seen its MAC Address yet. In that case, free internet will be given for a limited amount of time.

Note: Of course, the hotspot will reset your time limit if you come back the next day with the same computer (MAC Address) and thus you will be granted free temporary internet again.

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