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I need suggestion. I am going to take C# classes soon so i wanted to know that will it help me to increase my skill in Hacking i know that i can make program like password cracker with it but will i be able to find a bug on a application. I have also learned C language.Also recommend me a good programming language


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I'll be honest, from the start you won't be finding bugs and exploits that much. However, without C/Understanding how memory works - you will never be finding exploits. If you continue to research and learn C(C#/C++/) and memory (allocating, memory structure, overflows) and networking(IP, TCP structure, sockets, headers..) you sure are on a right road to find your own exploit. Knowing a programming language is a prerequisite, but the real thing that you need is thinking, and figuring it out using the knowledge and logics. Good Luck -Ne py

If you're looking for exploits and bugs on the web then you better learn php and mysql and html

thank you every one for the quick response.NE-PY i will keep in mind about what you told me and D347HGUN ill make sure that i learn php,mysql and html

Since the goal of classes is to have a job, learning c# is good, you may develop your skill by making some web-applications, doing this you will be able to understand how c#, sql and html are working together.

Like NE-PY said, you wont find bugs or exploits anytime soon. But doing, by example, web-apps using multiples technologies (c#, sql, html, ...) you will be Able to understand how things are working, and so, to better understand weaknesses and strenghts of a similar program/system

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