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Hello all,

I am new here on null byte and have been her for a while. There was just one problem. I never posted anything! So with the release of the $9.00 C.H.I.P computer I though that I might start a series how how to use C.H.I.P for hacking!


The C.H.I.P computer was released late last year an it had forum threads booming because of one particular subject- It was $9.00. With onboard internet, bluetooth and GPIO pins it was amazing! It was the immediate go-to for cheap electronic projects. Although it's good for electronic purposes it is also good for hacking! Need a quick 'physical backdoor'? Although raspberry pi is good for this C.H.I.P is cheaper and doesn't need third-party wireless or bluetooth adapter. It runs of linux so all problems solved.

Now moving on.

What we MIGHT be discussing in this series:

  • physical backdoors
  • hardware hacking
  • evading AVS
  • home protection e.g detects malware and hacking attacks
  • hacking UAVs for example remote control cars and drones
  • and much more!!!

I hope you are exited for the series as I am!
p.s I am sorry If there were any problems as this is my first HOW-TO and I and not as experienced as you

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Same, I would love to hear about that.

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