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hi, I have been reading tutorials on programming in C most of the website I have found have been from google ( and some other however I'm so confused on everything I am reading about everything so far I mean I understand a few things....I guess my question is whats the best way to learn and understand everything cause when I look at other examples of C programs I can't find what the tutorials are talking about to relate to the program I thinking it because all the examples the websites give relate everything to math and not real life programing I am really good in math so I understand that part but what I don't understand is how teaching me how to basically make a calculator out of my computer is going to make me understand the language of C.....what is the best possible way to understand what they are trying to say??? anyway I hope I haven't confused anyone if I did please let me know and I will try to clearify thank you

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make stuff, but what you make relate to what you want to learn about. The way I learnt about winsock.h was through making a simple client/server which also taught me about structs as well

Don't try to learn the language or its syntax. Try to understand what each statement does. Try to relate to any other programming language you know. I knew Java, so C was easy since they are kind of similar in syntax. And what MendaxV2 said, program stuff yourself.

thanks I will try this.... and I appreciate the help is there anything I can learn or read first that will better help me understand C programming and what is trying to be taught??? thanks again guys

hey MendaxV2 what would a simple client/server look like in C ?? cause this is the direction I am headed with programming

well depends if your programming with windows or linux, each has its differences but the core is the same. Windows uses winsock.h, linux uses sys/sockets.h. What OS are you talking about?

o I c well I usually use linux but I can use windows..????

o one last question what does a simple client/server look like?? what should it do??like what kind of functions should it have??

There are examples on the link.

Making a calculator will help you learn C. Why you ask? You can make the calculator print out things which is easy yes, but then you can grab input with the calculator and learn how to read/compare string values in if statements.

You can always use online man pages if you're not running linux to find out what functions do. If you want to code something else you can join github and grab the git client so you can program locally and push/pull between github and your PC so you can program in both places.

You need to start out somewhere though, you're not going to start coding a space invaders game or something complex like that. So a calculator will teach you a few things, then maybe you can move onto a simple text editor.

Once you've made a few simple applications you can combine all you have learned to make something more complex. Maybe coding a calculator plus a text editor will allow you to create a calculator with a history saving function of past calculations you have done?

I'm by no means a programmer, I started learning C a few days ago. Just giving you my thought of why doing a calculator will help you.

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