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Greetings, there are quite a few topics already on choosing between C# and Python. But it just doesnt feel like my answer is out there.

I myself am intrested in virusses,rootkits,reverse shells, etc.. You name it and i probally want to learn it. You could say i perfure the Gray hat methods. But which languange is really more useable for this. I am seeing alot of prons and cons as for Python. But it seems like the master hackers perfure C# overall for taking over networks, creating virusses etc. What are you thoughts about this? And if you could please post any hacks which are stromger in C then are Python,and ofc stronger hacks in Python then C#.

Also id you can, also post some hacks which has been made in C and Python which become famous. ty!

Hope someone will make my mind set on one languange.


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Just saying, C and C# are completely different languages

This isn't the answer you probably want, but any real hacker will tell you you need both. Python and C# are on completely different ends of the programming spectrum. C# will allow you to easily integrate with target windows environments and create GUIed interfaces as it is a full fledged programming language. Python is a scripting language and while anything you can do with C# you can do with python they just aren't meant for the same things. Python will allow you to automate your hacks/recon while C# would allow you to make key loggers and windows exploits (but really you should be doing this with C not C#).

So the follow up is now which should you learn first, and the answer is, at least in my opinion, python as its very easy to pick up quickly and learn the basics of programming (others will disagree thinking that you should learn the hard stuff first so as not to make you lazy but at that point its a matter of philosophy). from there go to C and by that time you'll know exactly what you need to learn to accomplish your goals.

Goodluck and happy hacking,

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